Mindless self indulgence
favorite songs: bitches, clarissa, dicks are for my friends, faggot, i hate jimmy page, seven-eleven, witness, fuck machine, it gets worse, ala mode, jack you up, shut me up, stupid mf, prom, what do they know, 1989, you'll rebel to anything, ALL OF IF
Jack off jill
favorite songs: fear of dying, nazi halo, strawberry gashes, author unknown, cinnamon spider, underjoyed, losing his touch, love song, hypocrite, kringle, spit and rape, yellow brick road, bruises are back in style, cherry scented, chocolate chicken, confederate fag, horrible, my cat, super sadist, devil with the black dress on, girlscout, lollirot, covet, cumdumpster
Nine inch nails
favorite songs: the hand that feeds, you know who you are, the collector, the hand that feeds, only, sunspots, wish, closer, march of the pigs, the perfect drug, we're in this together, into the void, discipline, hurt, the wretched, starfuckers inc, mr self destruct, capital g, survivalism, physical you're so, suck, piggy, heresy, march of the pigs, ruiner, i do not want this, big man with a gun, eraser, reptile, the downward spiral, burn, the fragile, pilgrimage, meet your master
Favorite songs: satanic aesthetic, kill kitty kmfdm remix, entire krankhaus album, entire blood death ivory album, sexy tragic muse, defibrillator, hidden knife, catatonic, great bank in the sky, toxic girl, ugly deeds, channel hell, hyperlust, ditch the rest, ambassador, maggot, like it lick it
favorite songs: adios, d.i.y, today, a drug against war, sucks, skurk, bait & switch, potz blitz, strut, bitches, godlike, glory, free your hate, hau ruck, new american century, professional killer, ready to blow, kunst, ultra, juke joint jezebel, terror, search & destroy, dis-o-bedience, brute, trust, nihil, megalomaniac, stray bullet, leid elend, mercy, torture, split sperm, anarchy, unfit, waste, krank, blackbell, apathy, dogma, son of a gun, ikons, wrath, fairy
favorite songs: awful, malibu, reasons to be beautiful, boys on the radio, northern star, heaven tonight, retard gril, violet, miss world, plump, asking for it, jennifer's body, doll parts, credit in the straight world, softer softest, she walks on me, i think that i would die, gutless, rock star, nobody's daughter, skinny little bitch, honey, pacific coast highway, samantha, someone else's bed, for once in your life, letter to god, loser dust, how dirty girls get clean, never go hungry, happy ending story, codine, teenage whore, garbage man, good sister bad sister, clouds 
Dead kennedys
california uber alles, too drunk to fuck, police truck, kill the poor, holiday in cambodia, terminal preppie, nazi punks fuck off, the man with the dogs, i fought the law, pull my strings, when ya get drafted,  lets lynch the landlord, your emotions, chemical warfare, i kill children, stealing peoples mail, take this job and shove it, dear abby, soup is good food, jock-o-rama
favorite songs; all the things she said, all about us, gomenasai, how soon is now, malchik gay, you and I, not gonna get us, nas ne dagoniat, belly plaschik, 220, marsianskiye glaza, chelovechki, fly on the wall, cosmos outer space, friend or foe, sacrifice, we shout, perfect enemy, obezyanka nol, dangerous and moving, clowns, a simple movement, show me love, 30 minutes, stars, sparks, ya soshla s uma